Food Freedom for Life

food freedom and away from diet

Who is this programme for?

Do you feel you are constantly on a diet and not winning?

Have you tried multiple diets but find yourself back to square one with your weight (or even heavier than when you started)? Does the thought of another diet fill you with dread but you don’t know any other way to approach food?

Is your weight constantly on your mind?

Are you worried about putting on weight? Do you have any good words to say about your body?

Are you constantly thinking about what to eat?

Do you often feel guilty or ashamed for eating certain foods; and/or obsess over what you should and shouldn’t eat? Would you like to make peace with food?

Do you use food to cope with your emotions?

Do you find yourself turning to food when something bad happens or when you are not feeling yourself?

If you answered yes to the above then let’s work together and say goodbye to diets and hello to food freedom, guilt free eating and better body image

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Benefits to you

  • Stop cycles of restriction and overeating/bingeing
  • Rediscover the pleasure of food and enjoy food freedom
  • Reduced anxiety and guilt around food
  • No longer be bound to endless food rules
  • Enjoy social occasions without added angst around food
  • Rebuilding trust with your body
  • Increased appreciation for your body
  • Increased energy levels and sense of wellbeing


Developing a new relationship with food and your body can take time and I therefore recommend booking a 5 appointment package. This allows sufficient time to explore your relationship with food, create new habits and move away from less helpful behaviours around food.

The fee for the 5 appointment package is £495 and this gives you 5 appointments for the price of 4

    Victoria has helped me implement intuitive eating. I feel empowered that food doesn’t have a hold over me and I’m enjoying more variety with less guilt. Her knowledge of intuitive eating is second to none and she helps with zero judgement and total support.

    Thank you for your help and patience.

    J Allen

    I've had a 66 year long bad relationship with food and 45 years of yo-yo dieting. This time I have been determined to resolve my eating issues and decided to find out more about Intuitive Eating. Victoria is so supportive. Everything she says makes real sense and has motivated me to success. Three months in I am seeing amazing progress and my relationship with food is definitely changing. Practice makes perfect and I am sure that with Victoria's continuing support this time dieting will be a thing of the past for good.

    Judy W