Gut Game Changer

Who is this programme for?

Gut issues

If you are struggling with bloating, excessive wind, abdominal pain, erratic bowel habits, diarrhoea/constipation or indigestion and reflux.

Fatigue and low energy levels

You feel tired all the time with brain fog and fatigue which is impacting on your mood.

Confused about what to eat

You are restricting certain foods and are fearful/anxious about what to eat. Food is no longer enjoyable! Social situations are becoming a nightmare

Improve your gut and overall health

You want to optimise your health and wellbeing and recognise your gut health is key to feeling great.

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Benefits to you

  • Increased confidence and no more fear around foods
  • Greater understanding of your individual food triggers
  • Increased variety of foods in your diet
  • Reduction in unwanted stomach symptoms
  • Improved bowel frequency
  • Increased energy levels and improved mood
  • More knowledge about the link between your gut health and your brain

What you can expect

  • 1 x 60 minute initial assessment and 2 follow up consultations
  • 3 x email reports (following each consultation) and support via email between sessions
  • Analysis and monitoring of your symptoms – using evidence based methods from Kings College London
  • Bespoke dietary and lifestyle action plan, including trial of a low fodmap diet if clinically indicated
  • Comprehensive evidence based resources
  • In some circumstances I may need to liaise with your GP (only with your consent) to help you manage your medical condition or to request investigations.


  • Cost for package: £295

    A truly informative assessment, Victoria is a real professional in her field, She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable as I was explaining my problem and reassured me that it was all solvable through a special diet and not to be so hard on myself. Thank you Victoria

    Gut Changer Package:
    I contacted Victoria with concerns over my energy levels and increasing frustration with IBD adversely affecting my enjoyment of socialising , travel, and hobbies.
    After working with Victoria for 6 months, establishing my trigger foods and gaining understanding of my individual nutritional needs I am delighted with the results and would highly recommend to anyone with similar issues.