An unhealthy diet has been linked to low mood, disrupted sleep, reduced energy levels and a weakened immune system, all of which influence our ability to function and engage in healthy working and personal relationships. 

Conversely, good nutrition can support a persons wellbeing through improved physical and mental health; and it is well documented that employee wellbeing leads to enhanced productiveness and effectiveness, improved employee morale and engagement and reduced absence from work.


I have a skill set that will engage, educate and empower your employees to make healthier changes for their personal and professional growth. Tailored to your Companys needs and goals, I will communicate the science of nutrition and behaviour change in a practical and simple manner.

Topics covered in the talks include:

  • Key nutrients for energy and mental health 
  • The influence of stress and poor sleep hygiene on food intake
  • How to make new habits stick

work with me.

Are you interested in learning more about what foods affect your gut or how to improve constipation and wind? Or are you keen to stop dieting and find peace with food and your body? Whatever your goal I can help!

Working with me is an opportunity for you prioritise your needs, to decide how you want your health and life to be different. We will explore what the latest evidence shows and how you can use this to reach your goal; be it to improve your gut health and energy levels or finally move away from dieting culture.

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